Fact: I’m terrible at maintaining a blog.

I forgot I even had this! A formal blog? What should I even do with that? Let it rot cyberspace of course. Maybe one day I can figure out something I feel is worth blogging, aside from my awesome thoughts. But if you really want a view of my cerebrum…well that’ll have to wait until I die, unfortunately. Don’t plan on any strokes or aneurisms either…

So until then, this blog will probably remain dead in cyberspace. Sorry for the waste of pixels.


Change of heart

Have I ever mentioned I grew up in a family of doctors and nurses? I have been self diagnosing every injury or illness since I turned 13. And I love blood. And gruesome injuries. Surgery scares and makes me queasy, seeing someones guts also scare me, so being a real doctor is completely out of the question.

I absolutely love sports, there’s no denying that. And I also have a knack for the business side of it, but I’d rather be a spectator than elbow deep in the action I love observing so much.

So after much thinking and many nights researching how to go about this, I’ve decided. I’m ditching my “dreams” of sports marketing, for the cute latex gloves and listening to athletes whine about pains. I’d prefer my passion for sports business stay confined to my nerdy brain, while still being involved with something I love and am passionate about.

So, pending acceptance to my school of choice, I will begin pursuing a bachelor of science in athletic training. Yay for having 45+ hours of marketing and sports management courses. Chicago, you were a great life experience, but a total and complete waste of money and time.